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Vorteile der Aro-Motordichtung Einführung


aro motor gasket Good heat resistance: The gasket is close to the oil guard at the commutator end, so the material must be able to withstand the temperature caused by the friction between carbon and the commutator and the friction between the shaft and the cup.

aro motor gasket has strong wear resistance: During the operation of the armature, the gasket and the two cups of surface fixed on the rubber cover of the magnetic bottom will constantly friction and wear out. If the wear resistance of the material is not good, the gasket will be easily damaged and the service life of the motor will be reduced.

Low moisture absorption rate of aro motor gasket: In a high degree environment, if the moisture absorption rate of the material is high, linear expansion will occur, and the armature may be stuck, resulting in difficulty in starting the motor. aro motor gasket has good elasticity, anti-fatigue strength, enough toughness and enough wear resistance.