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Einführung in die aro Motordichtung


The aro motor gasket is usually metal or plastic. High quality bolted connections require hardened steel washers to prevent preload loss due to Brinell hardness after torque application. Washers are also important to prevent galvanic corrosion, especially by insulating steel screws from aluminum surfaces.

They can also be used for rotary applications such as bearings. Thrust washers can be used when rolling bearings are not required from a cost performance perspective or due to space limitations. Coatings can reduce wear and friction by hardening the surface or by providing a solid lubricant (i.e., self-lubricating surface).

Spring washers, also known as belleville springs or tapered washers, use spring loads to produce axial elasticity, which counteracts settlement and maintains the initial preload level. The mechanical properties of spring washers depend on the shape of the material.