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Einführung in das Funktionsprinzip der Aro-Motordichtung


When the aro motor gasket is loaded, the gasket will undergo elastic deformation, and then return to the pre deformation state. They can be stacked together so that the deflection and bearing capacity can vary without having a material effect on the force.

The force generated by the washer may vary depending on the material thickness, curve and size, which means that the spring loaded spring washer can be customized for use in applications where space is required, tension is maintained, rattle is eliminated, expansion/contraction is compensated, impact is absorbed, and/or reaction under dynamic load is controlled.

In terms of weight and cost, the size of many final products is continuously reduced, requiring small and multi-functional assembly components, such as washers that support loads, cross holes or both while providing compensating spring force. Automatic assembly requires some "gaps" or tolerances on the "fits" of the components, and spring tension is required to compensate for these tolerances.