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Die aro-Motordichtung wird im Inneren des Motors verwendet


Among in the structure of the armature, there are two places are equipped with aro motor gasket in the absence of one end of the commutator, its location ring with glass or bearing sleeve with cup, with one end of the commutator, which lies between oil ring with cup, main effect is equivalent to retaining ring, bearing set off with a cup, reduce the rotor rotation with friction between the cup and the noodles.

At the same time, the size of the motor virtual position can also be adjusted by the thickness of the gasket with different functions. In order to reduce the phenomenon of core jump caused by vibration, a waveform spring washer is often added between the gasket and the gasket at the end of the commutator, and the elastic deformation is relied on to adjust the virtual position, buffer and shock absorption.